Whether you are just beginning to ask questions and explore spirituality or you have had a life-changing relationship with Jesus for a long time, you are welcome here.  We hope this information will help to give a sense of The Bridge and what it is all about. As you begin to learn about and experience The Bridge, if it feels like it could be a fit for you, we’d love to have you stick around and get involved in whatever way is comfortable for you. 

The Bridge is One Church at Two Locations

Our Hummelstown location meets SundaYS at 9:30AM & 11:00AM.

OUr Midtown LocatION Meets SundayS at 5:00PM.


Belonging by acceptance.  We believe people need relationships, with God and others, in which they will be received with non-judgmental love.  We desire to give people the right to explore, ask questions, and voice doubts in a community that accepts and expresses the love of God.

Relating with relevancy.  We believe in meeting people where they are on their spiritual journeys.  We desire to express faith within the context of real life in today’s world.

Identifying with Jesus.  We believe in the significance of a connection with the authentic Jesus.  We desire to develop a faith that is based on a relationship with Jesus rather than a religion about Jesus.

Developing healthy people.  We believe God guides people into meaningful life-transformation which impacts every area of life in a healthy way.  We desire for God to continually develop people in who they are and how they live.

Giving compassionately.  We believe Jesus modeled compassionate giving.  We desire to encourage people to give and serve generously outside of themselves.

Extending the mission of Jesus.  We believe a relationship with Jesus changes a person’s perspective on the world.  We desire to join Jesus in his mission – locally, regionally, and globally.




A safe place.  We want people to be able to explore spirituality and the significance of Jesus without guilt or pressure.  You will be encouraged and challenged to move forward in a spiritual journey at your own pace.  We’ll offer unconditional love, support, and acceptance as you explore. 

A different place.  If you have any concept of what church is normally like, The Bridge most likely will not fit it.  We’re intentionally different from “traditional church” because that doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Here, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.  We talk about real-life issues in everyday language.  We also believe you don’t have to disconnect from a style of music you enjoy every other day just because you decided to check out God, so the music is edgy and upbeat.

An authentic place.  We are real people who are looking for real solutions to the issues of life.  All of us experience problems in life at times and have to face the fact that we’re not always who we would want to be.  At The Bridge, we believe that a relationship with God through Jesus is to be about all of life so we’re not going to act like problems don’t exist or like we don’t have any.  Instead, we experience the highs and lows of life together, and seek to learn how a relationship with Jesus can help us through real life and give us the tools we need to live life well and in a healthy way. 

A challenging place.  When people who are different get together and really share life with one another, ask honest questions, engage in genuine exploration, and determine to grow and change for the better, it can be uncomfortable at times.  But it can also be exciting as you see yourself and others transforming into the people we were created to be. We would love to have you join in this journey and link up with others who desire to love God and others while being transformed. 

The BRethren In Christ

Our church family is part of a bigger family – the Brethren in Christ.  You can learn more about the organizational body of the Brethren in Christ by visiting their website.