Marriage is a dynamic relationship that involves a growing sense of "we" as well as a developing sense of "me." One without the other often leads to marital dissatisfaction. In a healthy marriage individuality is nurtured while at the same time cultivating a growing sense of the relationship of the couple. This Is Us: Conversations on Marriage is a four-week exploration of safe and constructive dialogue on the ongoing dynamics within a healthy relationship.




One of our own pastors, Dr. John Reitz will be facilitating this four-week exploration. John has over 40 years of experience in helping individuals, couples and families with a host of relational issues.  




Wednesday Nights

May 2nd, 9th, 16th, & 23rd.

All sessions 7:00 – 8:15 pm


$100 per person for the four-week series. You don’t have to be married to attend and feel free to attend as a couple or as an individual.


S1    Wednesday, May 2    Being a We Without Losing Me

It is not uncommon for people to talk about "two becoming one" when they speak of marriage. For some that means a loss of self when a person gets married. However, in every healthy marriage there is a deepening appreciation for the individuality of each person. Our    conversation in this session is meant to develop a greater sense of "who I am" as well as "who we are."

S2    Wednesday, May 9    Understanding the Uniqueness of You and Me

Appreciating each other’s differences is a key to a healthy and satisfying relationship. It is not unusual for the very traits that attract us to the other person can become an aggravation. Our conversation in this session will seek to help in discovering “who I am” as well as “who you are” and how we can appreciate the differences between us.

S3    Wednesday, May 16    Exploring Expectations and Needs of You and Me

Marriage is made up of two distinct individuals, each bringing his or her own expectations and needs. Each relationship starts with a "hidden contract" as to how those expectations and needs will be met. The longer you are in a relationship, what has been concealed tends to make its way to the surface. Our conversation in this session will create a healthy pathway to exploring "what you need" as well as "what I need."

S4    Wednesday, May 23    Restoring the Balance Between You and Me

Fairness is one of the key components to a healthy relationship. However, what seems fair to one person may seem anything but fair to the other. Operating in fairness tends to bring about a deepening sense of appreciation for the other, whereas a breakdown in fairness often leads to bitterness. Our conversation in this session will bring to light the on-going need for functional forgiveness which leads to graceful living.


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